On Politics & Justice

The Prostitution of Lady Justice

In days gone by and forgotten, men not forgotten fought for their freedom. These men consisted of convicts, ex-convicts and the socially unaccepted of our parent country. That some were more serious convicts is true, but for the most part the people consisted of the socially unaccepted. These people were the visionaries and the religious people who went against the norm -- the status quo.

Today, we can't say these people were wrong mainly because it was the principles and dreams of these people that our very country was based on. These people, our founding fathers, gave religious freedom to the people. A judicial system based on equality of all came into existence, and freedoms of speech and the pursuit of happiness and liberty were also given.

Many of those ideas were based on the idea of God-given rights, one of which is equality. We were all created equal. This was carried into the judicial system in that we would all be treated equally under the law. The idea of fundamental fairness came to be.

After a critical look at our judicial system, one would think Lady Justice has been prostituted. Equality has no right to be uttered by any in the judicial system -- or by any politician.

We've turned our judges into politicians, forcing them into roles that are in conflict of their positions. The politicians who write and vote on our laws sell themselves and their ideals for votes. Political platforms are built on the backs of the people.

A prime example of this is state senator Jeffrey Johnson's selling out of the very people he claims to be helping. Ohio prison inmates already have to live with the vast injustice of S.B. 2, but to have a politician raise his political platform on our backs is only pushing us further in the mire. Sen. Johnson is proposing S.B. 182, to placate the parole board and other politicians. This is in the guise of helping the inmates; in fact, S.B. 182 does little or nothing to correct the injustices of S.B. 2.

The idea of equality and fundamental fairness has been thrown to the wind in favor of building political platforms to impress and confuse the voting constituents. The original S.B. 2 is also an example of this. Touted as the "truth in sentencing" bill, S.B. 2 created such inequalities in sentences as to be absurd. Any reasonable person can see that doing 15 years for a crime versus 2 years for the same crime is not equal, and could never be equal even using politicians' creative math techniques.

Equality? Justice? Fundamental Fairness? Does any of it exist? Why do we allow politicians to prostitute these ideas to garner votes? We, the people, allow the politicians to do this so they can impress our votes (sic), thus putting them back in the position to do it again.

Who suffers in all of this? We the people suffer at the actions and manipulations of the politicians we vote for. It's akin to inviting Jack the Ripper for dinner then complaining when he slits your throat.

In Ohio, Lady Justice has been forced to trade her scales of justice for some high heels, a mini-skirt, a few dollars, a politician and an attorney. With all that Lady Justice received for her scales one would think she made out. Actually, she lost and has nothing. Nothing because none of it matters when the basic principles our country was built on no longer exist.

Can our God-given right to equality be taken by an Ohio politician or two? It would seem so. If this is true can any oath sworn in Ohio before God have meaning? No, not when Ohio has placed herself above the law and above God. Can any sworn witness be held to the truth when the politicians and attorneys in Ohio find themselves above our constitution and above our God? In Ohio, lies and hearsay become truth if there's money in it or a politician behind it.

If you live in Ohio, teach not your children of equality, fairness or justice because these are outdated and politically incorrect ideas. Teach of prostitution, oppression and lies -- your child will then grow up to be a fine attorney or politician.

Submitted by:Kevin Jon Peske
#151-393, Marion Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 57
Marion, OH 43301
The opinions expressed by this prisoner
are his own and do not necessarily reflect
the opinions of this site editor.

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