Mr & Mrs. Ohio,

By no means am I patting myself on my back, but I must say that I have taken upon the likes of many, both in Ohio, and other states, over these more than 21 years of prison life, always for the betterment of my fellow prisoners.

Prisoners, judges (both federal and state), prosecutors, private attorneys, civilians whom I have assisted, civil liberties advocates, all call me a "jail=house lawyer." Under the skin, though, I am just Pearly Wilson.

I have to run the gamut of attitudes, pro and con. For instance:

JUDGES: When I submit a complaint, motion, petition, they are sarcastic. One can "feel" the sarcasm in their orders, opinions, decrees. No relief can be obtained simply because I am the Pearly Wilson. (Magistrate judges have and hold this same attitude throughtout Ohio.) They delay all proceedings.

ATTORNEYS: They refuse to even respond to my letters when I seek assistance although I have always been indigent -- without funds to hire an attorney to represent me in a civil action. So, although federal and state judges have actually deemed me as a "jail-house lawyer," they, almost to the last document filed, hold every document as "frivolous." Rather than render fair, just sentences, judges dislocate me in the scheme of things. (It is the only way I can describe such treatment from men and women [judges and magistrate judges] of letters!) Yes! Lettered! These public officials would rather violate their oaths of office than be just in my case. In the same case, both a magistrate judge and the District Court Judge held that I am ". . . an experienced litigator." They refused to appoint an attorney and they refused to request that an attorney represent me, and then dismissed the lawsuit which I had filed against prison officials. Courts make mockery of justice nowadays! Private Attorneys, I repeat, refuse to even respond to any letter I forward requesting legal representation in a civil case.

Oddly enough though, I can prepare a motion for another prisoner requesting that the federal cort appoint an attorney -- BINGO!! The federal courts grant the motion. (YES! I can cite the cases, the prisoner's name and number, and the judge's name. What's wrong with this picture?)

I request no special treatment, just equal treatment. However, the unwarranted treatment I have experienced for more than 21 years in custody of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, has been exceedingly pronounced. It is an axiomatic pudding, really.

These important articles I have submitted (the first ever submitted to any publication) I categorically state that they are the most important any prisoner has ever presented to any publication in Ohio. The reasons are apparent: I have no fear -- the Ohio Parole Authority has already functioned as a vicarious, vengeful retaliator, without cause or justification.

The Ohio Adult Parole Authority is the only agency in the world that uses, under the color and pretense of Ohio law, its authority to impose life sentences upon prisoners who have not been convicted of murder! What does this tell you, good citizens? Is there any checks and balances in place? Can you honestly say that your law-makers have been responsible, or accountable to the constituency? I say "NO!" The lucrative salaries paid to these parole board members is the elusive answer; their children, grandchildren, good friends and acquaintances, are guaranteed jobs 40 years, 50 years, henceforth. It does not matter, their wrong decisions -- they are job secure to the detriment of "old timers" (they can't abuse prisoners sentenced after July 1, 1996.)


When Margarette Ghee, Chair of the Parole Board, made the statement to the news media and others who inquired about the new policy of extensions of 5, 10, 20 even 40 years, that they instituted the new, unwritten policy after the cry and hue of the public and other entities, it shows a clear, patent disregard of their obligation that they not be influenced by outside sources. None . . .not a single member of the parole board possesses the quality of being discreet. And although they are supposed to be an extension of the arm of the law, they are no more than imposters -- criminals themselves -- paid to act outside the laws of Ohio, paid to act under color and pretense of law, and paid to be intoxicated with abusive powers. They show that law has no spirit, no letter, when it comes to expecting fairness from these criminals, paid lucrative salaries from your tax dollars. They must be disrooted! They deserve the same sympathy as the most heinous of criminals! NO LESS! Their feathers are no different, just more greasy. They slip through the cracks everytime. Their's is not the result of learning or conditioning, nor are they guided by conscience.

Very interesting it is that the news media never expounds; in fact, although the news media investigates, it has never so much as scratched the surface on subjects such as the Adult Parole Authority . Is there something that I am missing? The only thing I can determine is that there is a clear denial of reality -- a failure (or refusal) to dig for and print the truth regarding the Ohio Adult Parole Authority . . . a dysfunctional agency of the State, acting to the detriment of its charges (its slaves! those sentenced prior to July 1, 1996.) Think about it. Because to a rational thinker, these are self-evident facts.

Mr. & Mrs. Ohio -- registered voters -- I say to you, that a coordinated effort is needed to make the transition from this vicarious hate and revenge which you, as taxpayers, pay for. You must not remain in the shadows any longer. You can make radical changes, simply by demand. Law can work in a rational manner again. You have seen how this ineffective superpower has been running the so-called parole concept. These miscreants have kept even you in bondage. They have controlled and directed unlawful policies of this institution (parole) for many decades. They hold no allegiance to you, and certainly not to their oaths of office. Their so-called policy only serves the purpose of lining their wallets. This is done in the name of, and under authority of, the State of Ohio.

It may appear that I am a bitter man. I am. But only to the extent that I find it my duty to make this wake-up call. Is life in the mainstream so fast that you don't have time to consider, or object to, the actions of your employees? Gee-whiz! You took time to vote! Do It Again . . . with demands! Then, and only then, you can determine who stays and who must go. Either way, you shan't be happy. Not unless you make known your demands, and follow up on them. BE CONCERNED about the power of your vote. BE CONCERNED about the power of your demands, as a taxpayer! You simply cannot permit public officials to confine any person, then give them carte blanche authority, and forget about these living, human beings. If you do, you assist in creating monsters, and it comes back to haunt you almost every time. You must be conspicuous by your revolutionary moves.

Confinement of any person in prison in these days and times is a tragic event. It is, to say the least, a travesty of justice.

You cannot imagine how wild these young men are here. You cannot imagine how wild they look. Is it fear? I think not. I think that the problem lies in the fact that prison officials, from the top man down to the guards themselves, are trying to break these young men instead of channeling, training, or directing them in a positive manner. They (the prison officials and guards) think that we are sent to prison for punishment. They have no idea that we are set aside from society as punishment. Therefore, they use physical torture in many cases . . . beatings. . . with cover-ups even by the Ohio Attorney General's office who represents wrongdoing guards accused of these physical beatings; even in the face of the truth of such accusations, they continue legal representations in bold attempts to get a judge either to dismiss the lawsuit, or find for the wrongdoing guard(s), all at the expense of taxpayer's money and time spent in such representations. Can you continue to live with that? You really do not know what you've been paying for (paying through the nose, I might add) for decades. Really, you should demand to be notified when such lawsuits are filed, demand to be notified as to what dates such trials are scheduled for so that you cna get a first hand knowledge of how so-called Justice works when an indigent prisoner is involved. See Justice in the nude. See your Ohio Attorney General's attitude when prisoners sue wrong-doing guards or officials. It ain't nothing nice! Believe me. . . it ain't nothing nice.

And one thing is for certain: You'll never say I lied to you. You have monsters in place, on the pay rolls. You just don't know it. But your plight, my plight, can be remedied. Recall these monsters. And be more selective next time you cast your vote. The "buddy-buddy" system simply does not work anymore. If they conspire against me, they conspire against you. Because you are a part of the People of the State of Ohio, you must demand that every public servant, every public employee, be accountable to someone in a higher office or position. Have a nice day, good citizen.

PS You know -- if I should be fortunate enough to hit the lottery for, say, 40 million dollars, I wouldn't be known as a convict, or ex-convict . . . I'd be Mister Wilson, on every turn. Let's be REAL for a change! It won't hurt! And life goes on.

Submitted by: Pearly Wilson
#A146-097, RCI
16149 State Route 104
PO BOX 7010
Chillicothe OH 45601

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We are FADS.
We shall remain in force until the CHANGES that we seek are Accomplished