The LEGACY of the APA

Mr. and Mrs. Ohio:

The Author Will Now Present Surprising Facts Concerning Your Well-paid Parole Board.

#1 Let us first take a real close look at the so-called technical parole violator's plight. "A" having been convicted for the offense of murder, was paroled. He subsequently was arrested by his parole officer for consuming alcohol, and returned to prison. (Please take note that no new crime was committed.) Since his return to prison, he has been a model prisoner: no disciplinary write ups. But, the Parole Board, on six (6) separate occasions, gave him flops (extensions). So far, he has been forced to serve nine (9) years as a so-called technical parole violator! This Parole Board has clearly abused its discretion.

#2 "B" having been convicted for the crimes of rape and felonious assault in 1976, served more than sixteen (16) years before he was paroled. One year later, his parole was revoked. He, too, was a so-called technical parole violator, which consisted of (a) excessive drinking, (b) traffic tickets, and (c) failure to report to his parole officer that he had contact with the police. The Revocation Board imposed two (2) years...he served the two years, then the Parole Board imposed eighteen (18) months, then, the Parole Board imposed a five (5) year flop, all for the same so-called technical parole violation. "B" did not commit any new crime while out on parole. In fact, all the traffic citations were dismissed by the municipal court prior to the revocation of his parole. 9 years for a technical parole violation -- so far!

Looking at these two cases alone makes for serious consideration as to the "discretion" used by the Parole Board members. This brings forward the question of "WHY?"

Plain and clear, this is a look at the awesome powers these Parole Board members possess. Once appointed by the governor to a lifetime appointment, these people have more power than the governor of the State of Ohio. More power than any court, state or federal. No Parole Board decision can be appealed -- it is final. And prisoners are at the very mercy of these vengeful, spiteful men and women who have no personal contact with any prisoner except to review his file for possible parole, and, for just a few moments, question the prisoner.

YOU TELL ME -- is this a fair decison? Your money paid into these salaries could be spent for better goals. The Ohio Adult Parole Authority must be dismantled! They are being paid, not to be fair, but rather,to be vicariously malicious, and vindictive. (The American Heritage Dictionary defines vicarious as meaning: 1. Experienced or undergone through sympathetic participation in the experience of feelings of another. 2. Endured or done by one person substituting for another. 3. Acting for another. [Lat. vicarious, substituting]) Need I say more? Well...I must!

This confirms that your highly paid Parole Board members demonstrate a complete lack of insight and common sense. And they are constant in their madness. The concept of parole has been so badly abused by these highly paid people that a simple and obvious look at their true nature is in order. In doing so, this will render the fallacies of the relativity concepts even more apparent. Time, to these Parole Board members, is simply an aspect of activity. They impose time -- 10, 20, 30, 40 years, upon a prisoner as easily as handing him a glass of water! (These are weird people!) Without this background, you could never put your finger on the real flaws of the celebrated concept of parole. People, in general, have been brainwashed into thinking that common sense rules don't apply in the realms of parole-decision-making. Consequently, the Parole Authority gets away with all kinds of irrational behavior. If an average citizen were to consistently display such maddog ventures in everyday affairs, he/she would be in danger of being picked up by men in white uniforms! Their recent behavior truely calls for just that. Good people, this is not just valuable critisism -- these are valuable facts.

The power of the badge of authority, to say the least, is awesome! It transmits a most particular disease. Justice Brandeis once said: "The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal -- well-meaning, but without understanding." (Olmstead v. United States, 227 U.S. 438, 479 1927) And Judge Noonan, in a concurring opinion in 1993 said:

"A bland American civil servant can be as much of a beast
as a ferocious concentration camp guard if he does not think about what his actions are doing...
half the cruelties in human history have been inflicted by conscientious servants of the State.
The mildest of bureaucrats can be a brute if he does not raise his eyes
from his task and consider the human beings on whom he is having an impact."
(Jordan v. Gardner, 986 F 2d. 1521, 1544 9th Cir. 1993)

Your well-paid Parole Authority, ladies and gentlemen, instills fear and abhorrence. Is this what you pay for? Or is your money being used unwisely? This power makes scapegoats of helpless, political, religious, or racial minorities, who do not conform and who resist tyranny. (Yes! Tyranny! Because the Ohio Parole Authority uses an excessive force -- one which leaves no visible scars, but a senseless mental cruelty inflicted by one fell swoop of a pen. Their victims are always the poor and the weak in our society, the individuals without friends in high places who can influence the parole board to release them.) Check the records!

The image of the Parole Board foisted on the public is a group organized to protect society. Instead it is an organization of miscreants trained in lies and deception to safeguard the interests of the power elite who have kept Ohio citizens in bondage for ages.


You have heard about "due process," but do you understand its meaning? At a minimum, due process requires that government officials refrain from acting in an irrational, arbitrary or capricious manner. In fact, the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits a state from depriving a person of life, liberty or property without due process of law. Fair Play is the essence of due process. Good People, if you should do research, you will find that the Due Process Clause has not been reduced to any formula for "due process centrally concerns the fundamental fairness of governmental activity." The United States Supreme Court has so held. See, e.g. Quill Corporation v. North Dakota, 504 U.S. 298, at 311, 112 S.Ct. 1904, at 1912, 119 L.Ed.2d 91 (1992). Why then, do we continue to pay huge salaries to Parole Board members, who are untrained in law, psychology or psychiatry, but well trained in malice and vicarious revenge? Spiteful people intending to cause mental pain. Because even you may be their next victim, think on this: The APA has forgotten that we are living, human beings! Yes, we are angry prisoners!! Teed-off to the bone marrow! I have been stomping on the toes of the State's power structure much harder than anyone else for well over twenty-one (21) years. Be advised that I am the one who forced Ohio's prison officials to close the Old Ohio Penitentiary. [Lawsuit filed October 16, 1976. Case No, C2-761111. The prison was closed forever on August 1, 1984.]

Submitted by: Pearly Wilson
#A146-097, RCI
16149 State Route 104
PO BOX 7010
Chillicothe OH 45601

The opinions expressed by this prisoner
are his own and do not necessarily reflect
the opinions of this site editor.

We are FADS. We shall remain in force until the CHANGES we seek are accomplished