Mr. and Mrs. Ohio:

I am here again in my attempt to educate you in regard to the secrets...things you don't know about your tax-dollars-supported state employees.

As the system strikes deeper, these employees, senators, representatives, Attorney General, and her assistants, judges, prosecutors, private attorneys (YES! Private Attorneys!), seek to disguise by chicanery and interpolation of their own legislations -- written and unwritten -- their own laws in order that their blows be struck; that the citizens should never know any important fact. The only alternative for those who persist in these wrongdoings and concealment is, whether they will confess this truth before a court and jury, or whether they will wait to be forced to confess it. It is only a question of time. As it stands, however, these trusted people in high places, readily and thoroughly, rule over you ignorant and too-confiding fellow beings, even to your very detriment.

All this and many other facts point most strongly, if not positively, to the conclusion (no doubt unaltered) and proves the sadistic interests of ambitious and tyrannical state officials down through the years to present time. But it is coming to a head.

It is equally significant that their every blow, every effort, has taken a great toll on the lives of every poor prisoner they have reviewed, or made special statutory laws to the point of oppression. But more significant than amazing, it is that so monstrous and manifest a fraud (as is their pretense) should have remained so long concealed! This monstrosity, this great mysterious secret, is operated under the Great Seal of the State of Ohio! You know nothing because there are no checks and balances in place.

APA:Adult Parole Authority

Should I question any one of you about Ohio's parole system, you would tell me that it is all mystery -- mystery -- mystery! This fate befalls only the poor, the persecuted, the uneducated of any color, or any race, confined in Ohio's prison system, because there is no sufficient data whereupon you or a court could act (records being confidential). I hope to put an end forever to the discrimination and misrepresentations, patterns and practices. If truth is ever to attain its proper place, the very value of the APA must be tested. We must require these malicious APA members, in the cause of truth, to explain, or like men and women, acknowledge their dastardly actions, or you will never know they are wicked people!

I come to you by force to tell you that you have trusted these people as State of Ohio employees too long! I am here to remind you that they have the power. They occupy positions of trust that enable them, whenever they so desire, to lie to you, to the general public, and to prisoners. And they force prisoners to suffer while they snicker! While they are abusive orally, and -- cruelly, physically, heartlessly -- they destroy every ounce of expectation and dignity we may possess, many times over. They destroy in the so-called interest of the State of Ohio, even though there is no penological goal. There is no legal interest in what they do.

You will note that I do not enter the ole racist thing. Prison officials really feed that kind of fire. And the ignorant prisoners chomp at their bits greedily, even though we are all similarly situated. But that is where the disparity of treatment comes in. The aggressors versus the nonaggressors; the litigants versus non-litigants; the rich (or affluent) versus the poor, and so on, like fleas on a dog's back. No one even knows what "equal justice" is any more. But it is supposed to be for the poor people, too, of any race or creed. Tell me about it! But how do we even know when a trial judge is a racist? (Yeah -- Tell Me!) Enough on the racial issue, though. Race ain't got nuthin' ta do wid dis!

To give you a brief, but factual idea of what is, in a July letter to the editor of an Ohio paper, an Ohio citizen wrote of her great dismay in learning her hard-earned tax-dollars were not used to fund matters that she had concerns in, and in effect, she has no voice in how they are spent. This was a surprised, now concerned, citizen, who found that the law does not support wishes of local voters! So where do we go from here?! I will tell you this: If you try to buck that system solo, bet on it -- you will go to prison! Courts (judges) are not arbiters any more -- Money is the arbiter!

One day, and soon, if you aren't particularly careful, you good citizens will be subjected to "civil death." The doctrine of "civil death," has been defined as the state of a person who, though possessing natural life, has lost all his civil rights and as to them, is considered dead. Some say that "civil death" is not recognized in Ohio; but I seriously question that. Check the unfettered actions of the APA! (WItness the spectacle of a powerful organized group of state employees seeking control of the law-making power! YES! The APA!)

Judges and the Separate and Unequally Applied Laws

I must qualifiedly say to you, that one of the most extraordinary examples of irrationalism in the history of modern law is the standard denials of equal justice, that is, the lack of fair and impartial proceedings for the indigents, be it a citizen in free society or a prisoner.

The discrepancies between fair, impartial, just proceedings nowadays, are so colossal, it is one of the great enigmas in the very history of law, which has not really been challenged since Gideon v. Wainwright (372 U.S. 235, 1963), well over three decades ago. The origin of this difficulty, of course, is an obvious flaw in the concept of equal justice -- fair, impartial hearings and/or trials. Instead, judges -- white, black, Chicano, both state and federal levels -- outrageously violate the Constitution (although the Constitution is precisely from where law is derived). What is indeed amazing is the obvious efforts these judges put into suppressing Constitutional rights. It is a battle, to say the least, with judges making false conclusions deliberately while showing nothing but contempt for those unable to pay their way. It is an affront to common-sense which has evidenced a gargantuan liability to time and resources and a created travesty of impossible proportions, which leaves only insurmountable difficulties for those unable to pay, in their any and every attempt to seek legal redress. Judges surmount the problem with deliberate and nebulous comparisons and discussions of case laws, which hardly ever apply to the case at bar -- gibberish, which does not merit mentioning. The shortcomings of their explanations are compounded by the fact that such gibberish only contains incredible contradictions -- even anachronisms. Surely, it is not difficult for even the most obtuse mind to realize what has been happening to indigent : they land in prison, eventually.

It is stretching the imagination too far to even assume that at least some of the brighter members of the legal fraternity, equally or evenhandedly, apply laws when the impoverished attempt to litigate. (Sure, the news media directs your focus upon prisoners. You best focus on your own situation.) Should these judges have been fair, should they have been impartial, after all this time, they would have noted the horrendous discrepancies. (But have you ever observed any thief to stop to see who is in the area when he is filling his pockets?) Since no mention has been made of it, the conclusion is object would be akin to the opening of a Pandora's Box. Should any judge loosen the lid, the odors issuing from the box would become so over-powering he would be forced to clamp the lid back on as quickly as possible before his olfactory nerves are seriously damaged.

Incredible as it may seem, many honored members of the legal world seem to be totally incapable of rational thought. They show classic examples of the fact that many will continue to reject well-pleaded complaints filed by those too poor to pay, because the reality is that most, but not all, of the documents are damaging to that which they hold sacred, for many prisoners prepare better and more comprehensive complaints, motions, etc. than the average licensed practicing attorneys, many who hold themselves out as experts. Yet, intellectual straight-jackets are imposed on prisoners by judicial authority...judges, acting under color of law!

Good citizens, I suggest that you start visiting the court rooms when you have time off. See for yourselves. KNOW!

Submitted by: Pearly Wilson
#A146-097, RCI
16149 State Route 104
PO BOX 7010
Chillicothe OH 45601

The opinions expressed by this prisoner
are his own and do not necessarily reflect
the opinions of this site editor.

We are FADS. We shall remain in force until the CHANGES we seek are accomplished