Runaway Parole Board

Menace to Society

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ohio:

I must say to you that, today, as in the days of old, Ohio laws are being tortured! A coterie of senators and representatives are behind this torture, and every responsible citizen must be given a wake-up call. As it is, with our current Attorney General of Ohio, senators, representatives, and last, but not least, a parole board whose discretion cannot be challenged in any court, state or federal, the indigent citizenry of all colors is overwhelmed with frivolity, caprice...yes, even malice.

The ignorant welcome this mess...until such time that it oozes onto his/her doorstep; then a loud cry and hue is the backfall! Then they cry because they, too, are being menaced by the very trusted politicians they helped put into place, the offices of mistrust! Yes, there is a huge, dark cloud hovering...MENACES to our government. And, one day soon, you will certainly regret having deemed yourselves "buddy-buddy" to every position in our government you so humbly supported so blindly! Que pena! [What a pity!]

WHAT TO DO? THERE IS NO TIME to dread the support you gave. It is time, however, to recall most, if not all, of these malicious people you have set in offices of trust; cull out the worst because there is no possible way to get them all.

We must preserve the basic law of our federal, and most certainly, state, constitutions because uncaring, insensitive citizens have allowed politicians to run amuck! We have permitted certain essential principles (such as ours is a government of laws, not of men) to be treaded into a muck of mire; therefore, there is hardly a citizen available that can even recognize that, almost to the last man, woman, and child, they are clearly being abused by politicians (even the police!) under the color and pretense of law. For once you have voted -- placed favorite politicians in offices -- they have a demeanor that expresses, "This is my office...not the peoples'. I tell them...they don't tell me!"

How often is it that one of you on the streets of society can call a senator's office, a representative's office, or a Parole Board member, and connect with the particular party with whom you wish to speak? Nada! Impossible! How often is it that you have seen lawmakers actually pass an ex post facto law, or apply retroactively a law that clearly does not apply to those that were sentenced prior to the effective date, but the courts -- judges and prosecutors -- acting under color and pretense of law, impose illegally, and unlawfully, laws upon the indigent, the ignorant, be he/she of any color, then advise them that he/she has a right to appeal? (Once you are in their grips, you are surely damned!) Snakes...two legs...and talking!!! That is the caliber of judges nowadays, and you, too, must suffer their wrongdoings as long as they hide behind the cloaks of evil.

How often have you inquired regarding this runaway Parole Board (?) and the clear, malicious unlawful pattern and practice currently being utilized by unchecked employees paid by way of your tax dollars? They, who answer to no one...not even the governor. Nor a court of law. Where can one find the checks and balances? Ohio has a parole board not made by law. They are definitely not covered by the constitution, nor by any legal statutory law. So what do we have? State employees who have brought the administration of justice into total disrepute, although they will be the first to tell you that there is a strong public interest in the onging efforts to guarantee fair play to prisoners and/or parolees which is agreeable to the usages and principles of law, while, at the same time, looking you right in your eyes with that certain grin which all prisoners know so well. These Parole Board members have so performed on a mass scale for years.

This parole board, by its actions, clearly shows that it flatly refuses to allow prisoners under their control to liberate themselves from their past. Acting as judges, prosecutors, and jurors, they uttely ignore their statutory and administrative codes in order that they can keep a foothold to usurp that field which they so "grandly" occupy: co-conspirators, assiduously engaged in interpolating, mutilating, and destroying every trace of integrity and decency within their reach, to continuously strike blows upon Ohio's prisoners under the guise, color, and pretense of Ohio's laws.

These Parole Board members strike prisoners with vastly greater force, because they are hired to administer certain specific statutory laws. This is the ultimate, because these men and women now find it necessary to set every means to work that can, in any way, help to conceal the truth of these matters. Holding tight onto record confidentiality, they take precious good care when the various groups, news media, or prisoners' families and friends make inquiry -- giving their own false versions of the matters inquired into instead, thereby baffling all who make inquiries. These Parole Board members are notorious for falsehood. But there is an old saying: "Liars shoud have good memories!" Nevertheless, they have been so artful in protecting themselves that one can find no pretext by which these Parole Board members could be comvicted of malfeasance.

TRUTH, therefore, apparently becomes annihilated from the acts (which are never on the surface) of these people. Thus, the misfortune has been this: the state of Ohio's agency, the Adult Parole Authority, its fabric is so weak, it cannot be trusted! I declare that the members of the APA, holding their respective positions, are, pound-for-pound, 100% more criminal than the worst murderer or rapist now confined in Ohio.

It is these very people, with poisoned and dark human spirits, that hang like a whip of scorpions over prisoners to lash them, simply because they are poor, and without legal representation...for the errors they, the APA, have made and are still propagating. The evil is too deep for human comprehension.

I have come forth here today, submitting a question which is of vital importance to Ohio, and to untold billions of citizens henceforth. It is in relation to the correctness of the doctrine of "rehabilitation" -- parole.

I live to see Ohio's Parole Authority completely dismantled, dispersed, scattered! Any person of ordinary comprehension clearly can understand why. I challenge every responsible Ohio citizen to go forward to dismantle the APA by vote.

Submitted by: Pearly Wilson
#A146-097, RCI
16149 State Route 104
PO BOX 7010
Chillicothe OH 45601

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are his own and do not necessarily reflect
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