Mr. Raymond D. Gawloski
A2/343 #197-157 G.C.I.
2500 S. Avon Belden Road
Grafton, Ohio 44044-9430

21 September, 1997

Honorable Mr. Jeffery Johnson
9024 Partgate Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44108


Dear Mr. Johnson: (a/k/a: Mr. Lincoln):

In 1960, my Mother (God rest her soul) invited the First African American, Cleveland Catholic Diocese Sister to our home for dinner. Sister Mary Nativa, was the first Black person I had seen or touched in my life. (I was age six.) Sister Nativa, not only touched me, but she also touched my heart, and gave me many many spiritual and educational gifts over the many years we kept in touch. It would be correct for me to say, that she did, in many ways, save my life, when looking back at some of the gifts she gave me to draw upon in certain situations I found myself dealing with in the cold and hard years to come to me, as life unfolded.

Now, thirty-seven years later, another, very real, very sincere African American 1s working very hard, and, again, saving my life, and the lives of countless good women and good men.

Life is a very precious gift, and so are you! Many of us in here--we are all brothers and all sisters, in the eye's of our Creator -- PROVERB5, 31: 8, 9.

In my forty three years of life, there has not been one man I wanted to look right in the eye and say "Thank you" to, (besides the physicians that brought my three daughters, and son into the world) more, than I want to say "Thank you, to you, sir! God Bless you and yours, and all those that are secure enough within themselves to not fear to be "about the right thing" when it is necessary; to be about "the right thing!" Actions speak louder than any word(s) could ever.

I am extremely grateful to you personally, and to those of you that are working so hard, staying so closely focused, and putting your ear to the chests of our people -- and looking well over the tops of these razor wired fences to see the -- workings....PLEASE SEE 21 F.3d 314 at 319 (9th Cir 1994):

The Attorney General's zeal for the protection of society is laudable. But all government officials present their actions as zealous for the welfare and protection of society. Even the royal letters de cachet consigning persons to the Bastille were normally executed with a virtuous sense of the danger being prevented by such expeditious means. In our society no person may be imprisoned for many years without prospect of termination. The rights of the human person must be vindicated as part of the common good of our society. Barrera has been punished too long without statutory warrant. The judgment of the district court issuing the Great Writ is AFFIRMED.

Cite as 21 F.3d 314 (9thCir. 1994) 319

What is presently being done at this time, by the out-of-check, autonomous parole system is not only shockingly inhumane, but is highly illegal and totally unconstitutional in every sense of those three words; to the highest attainable degree possible.

There are many many many African American, Spanish and Caucasian women and men in prison that have been "tricked" into believing that they should take "this plea bargain" at the time they went before the judge. What is now happening, as we speak, within the "dual" system, reminds me of the old "bait and switch" dirty trick, practice. Many men in here are now nothing but mere human warehouse fodder. I've been in prison for well over ten years now, and I have seen and experienced how so many men, some very good men, have lost their families altogether with no hope of ever restoring that bond, ever. If it's really true that the eyes are the window to the souls -- we have many broken souls now on our hands.

Too much punitive incarceration becomes an evil mistress, who will eventually two face all of her admirers; "she" is a total destroyer of a man's/woman's spiritual and natural life. What's left? A zombie--a shell. Reality.

There are several, current writings that have been compiled by true professionals in the psychiatric community that make it clear as to the over all egregious "mind breaking" and "soul smashing" effects long term incarceration has upon another Human Being. This information is not hidden. When is enough, enough? (MATT, 26:8)

In the 1850's some Abolitionlsts were interested less in the effectiveness than in narcissistic moral display, interested less in ending slavery than in parading their purity. The abolition of slavery required someone (Mr. Lincoln) who was the anathema to fanatical abolitionists. Similarly, absent you and your presence, the only thing that will change is merely the date on the calendar, inter alia, towards the most negative ends.

God Bless you and yours, and all those that can see the realities of the real truth; and not be blinded by, what some may consider as, the flame of moral purity --

With kindest personal regards, I will always remain,
Respectfully yours,
Raymond D. Gawloski


Just imagine, if you're able, IF everyone in the state and federal governments held the reigns of power -- identical to that of the parole board....No checks and balances, no appeals, no record to appeal from, your word against their word. My God, this is 1997, not Mid Evil times. Two sets of penalties, both in the most extreme sense and direction....the "ADMINISTRATIVE" punitive disparity impact -- Under the same Flags?

To allow "this" parole board to stay in office, and simply limit their discretion is not the answer at this time. All penalties have to be consistent with the Ohio Constitution's mandates: that all laws of a general nature be uniform in operation throughout the state.

Sir, to simply limit their discretionary powers is not going to work; they will find new ways to justify their actions, believe me, sir. This is a lot more than just a rudderless ship of odium, confusion, ruthless conation and prevarication; this is now merely a sanitized rendition of, and highly reminiscent to, an era that occurred in another country; (circa: late 1930's and early 40's ).

Submitted by: Mr. Raymond D. Gawloski
A2/343 #197-157 G.C.I.
2500 S. Avon Belden Road
Grafton, Ohio 44044-9430

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