Dear FADS,

I am an Ohio inmate in Marion Correctional Institute. I am serving a sentence of 3-15 years for felonious assault. I was sentenced in 1989 and this is my first conviction. I'm doing 7 and 1/2 times the amount others will under the new law!

I pled guilty because I knew what I did was wrong. I came to prison harboring no ill will toward the victim or anyone else. I also came with the idea of bettering myself and my future.

Toward this end, I went through all the groups and private counseling I attended college and won several awards, was accepted into Golden Key National Honor Society, and was a member of Delta Epsilon Chi. I even had an opportunity to attend Yale University.

I received my first continuance of 2.5 years at that point. I made minimum 1 security level -- the lowest in the Ohio penal system. I was transferred to Marion Honor Camp where I worked outside the fence unsupervised. After the 2.5 years flop was over, I received another flop of 1 (one) year. I had no disciplinary problems at all. After that flop of 1 year was over, I thought I was going home, my friends and family thought I was going home. I then received my 3rd flop of 2 years -- this was more than my second flop, and I had had no disciplinary problems!

3 flops for a total of 5 and 1/2 years for my first felony conviction! Well, I was still at the honor camp -- until this past December -- when I was given all the rest of my time! This amounted to a flop of 7 and 1/2 years -- for nothing! My FOURTH flop!

The only reason I was ever given was due to the serious nature of the crime. No disciplinary problems and I did so much to prepare myself for a better life. . . .

They changed my risk assessment scores with no new information. They changed my risk assessment so it wouldn't look so bad when they kept giving me flops. When I challenged it, I was told, "We read between the lines." Also, my risk assessment scores were wrong in saying I have a prior felony record -- I DON'T. I just received a copy of my F.B.I. rap sheet to prove this. I can also show the changes made to my risk assessment sheet over time.

Now I am doing 15 years day-for-day for a felonious assault. Today a first time offender would only receive 2 years flat time. There is a guy in my cellblock doing 2 years for felonious assault. Why do I have to do 15 years? Under the new law the maximum I could do is 8 years flat -- I already have that in.

To further add insult to injury, I was moved from the honor camp to the main stockade, a medium/close security facility. I've done nothing wrong since incarceration to deserve the loss of any privileges I had.

In your article you mention "exploring legal remedies to correct the disparities" and "gaining the right of 'liberty interest' for prisoners eligible for parole." If you could please send me any info on these, I'd appreciate it. I would also greatly appreciate it if you know of anyone or any group, attorney, etc. that could help me.

I and my family have written and called the CIIC and various attorneys to no avail.

Thank you for any help or information that you may be able to provide.

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